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A policeman in the big city stops a man in a car with a zebra in the front seat. “What are you doing with that zebra?” He exclaimed, “You should take it to the zoo.” The following week, the same policeman sees the same man with the zebra
again in the front seat, with both of them wearing sunglasses. The policeman pulls him over. “I thought you were going to take that zebra to the zoo!” The man replied, “I did. We had such a good time
we are going to the beach this weekend!”

Thanks for visiting Zebra Marketing Solutions!  We’re excited you’ve stopped by, and like the man in the story above, we hope you enjoy your time with us and keep coming back for more!

Why are we called Zebra Marketing Solutions, you may ask?  A zebra on its own is a striking, stunning creature that catches the eye in any environment.  However, that same zebra within a crowd of zebras will blend in and be difficult to distinguish.  This is great for the zebra, because it makes it hard for predators to pick him out from the crowd to catch him for dinner, but blending into the crowd is  not good for your business!  In these days of Google, Facebook, Twitter and countless other digital channels, your customers have a lot of choices and you can’t afford to blend into the background.

There will always be similarities between you and your competitors, or “points of parity,” (ie: all luxury car dealers sell cars), but you bring something different that provides unique value to your customers (ie: Lexus provides a pampered driving experience, while BMW provides a “feel the road” experience).  These are your “points of difference” that give your customers that “Yes! I am in the right place!” feeling.  At Zebra Marketing Solutions, we want to help you be truly clear on the unique value that you bring to your customers, and help you build that message into your branding and get it out to the right people who can buy from you and refer you, so that you can get more leads, and make more sales!

We hope you’ll follow us for further posts on how to make the most of your marketing!  We’re looking forward to taking this journey with you.

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