Setting Yourself Up for Social Media Success

Social media once started as a means to, well, socialize. It’s where you kept up with friends and stayed in touch with family. These days, though, it’s gone beyond the bounds of a fun place to chat with others. For businesses, it’s an imperative part of the marketing mix. That said, if you’re not social media savvy, the idea of tweeting, following, and sharing can simply be overwhelming. To help you de-stress from this madness, we have a few tips:

1. Target Top Industry Influencers

There are plenty of companies and individuals who have tens of thousands of followers. Find them, follow them, engage with their posts, mention them in your own feeds. A positive relationship could yield you dozens of new leads.

2. Invest in Up-Front Visibility

Paid ads, in conjunction with great SEO efforts, are a perfect marriage for long-term social media strategies; they particularly work well if you’re looking to boost your revenue or traffic when you’re new to the social media scene. You’ll be promoted to an audience that’s most likely to be interested in the products or services you’re offering, and as long as the rest of your content is valuable, you’ll likely achieve a few happy followers as a result of your efforts.

Paid ads tend to be a misunderstood animal in the digital marketing world. Stay tuned for our upcoming paid ads exposé!

3. Engage with Your People

If someone takes the time to mention you on social media — good or bad — respond! Customers are receptive to companies that respect their time and feedback.

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