Shifting Away From SEO: Succeeding In A Changing Digital Market

If you’ve spent any part of the last five years in any field of marketing and you’ve likely heard about the wonders of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to promote your business. Though with the fast moving pace of today’s hyper-connected digital world, the power of SEO is quickly fading into more focused and strategic methods.

Just as Google has changed over the last half decade, introducing newer algorithm updates and mobile first initiatives to make searching better for users, so too do businesses need to adapt to get their message and content across. The ability to adjust is the benchmark for which businesses will either thrive or falter. Brand content must engage with and convert potential clients and customers on the platform and device that they spend the most time on.

To stay ahead of the momentous shifts in the digital world, it’s important to understand and tailor your approach in a more forward-thinking manner.

Shifting the focus from SEO to content convergence

Content alone doesn’t ensure successful conversions, just as SEO alone doesn’t ensure that your audience will engage with your content. As the fields of data and analytics grow, they offer a greater opportunity for businesses to understand their consumers and create more intelligent content to deliver a successful campaign.

Content should be based on clearly defined data of audience, engagement, and conversion metrics which are all trackable. Using both organic search opportunities and social content is also often a more strategic way to boost visibility and engage with a relevant audience.

Creating more shareable and higher achieving return on investment content such as videos, infographics, and articles also allows you to capitalize on current trends and stand out from the crowd while still giving you opportunities for site links, shares, tweets, and others.

Make it mobile

In today’s world mobile has surpassed the desktop and your business must be ready to meet users where they are: on mobile devices.

In this mobile-first world you should have a good understanding of mobile user behavior and purposes in order to tailor your experience to exceed those expectations.

Having a fast loading website is half the battle in winning in the mobile field. The majority of mobile users usually take to their smartphones to do research – whether it is to find a restaurant or to look up a topic – make sure that your business meets them there and can then use that content to convert into sales.

Understanding these key frameworks and adapting them to your business is the true key to success in this vibrant and connected marketplace.

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