3 Ideas to Keep Your Content Flowing Fresh

Everybody talks about how important it is to keep your content fresh. That’s because it is important.

With so much buzz about blogs and the importance of great web pages, it may feel like fresh content magically appears on the internet all the time. Unfortunately, as many small business owners have come to realize, generating awesome ideas isn’t always as easy as it seems.

If you’re stuck at your desk with blogger’s block, here are a few ideas you can use to help keep your content flowing fresh:

1. What do people ask you?

You probably don’t realize it, but every time a customer asks you a question, they’re providing you with the foundation for content. Each time you receive an inquiry, jot it down. You can then provide answers by way of blogs, newsletters, and landing pages.

  • What do you do? This is a fundamental question that you should easily be able to answer, but it’s often harder than it should be. A few brainstorming sessions should provide you with an assortment of responses. Don’t discard any of them! Instead, reach for a new response when your idea well runs dry.
  • How can you help me? How can you help your customers? Identify your competitive advantages so you can highlight them in your content.

2. What’s going on in the world?

The key to great content is keeping it relevant. Talk about industry trends, pop culture, and interesting news bites. Be sure to relate your tidbits back to your business so your theme makes sense to your audience (and so search engines understand what you’re getting at.)

3. Who are you?

Introduce your team members so your readers get to know your business on a more personal level. Highlight accomplishments, achievements, team-building, and charitable giving. Your content space provides the perfect real estate for a more intimate connection with your consumers.

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