How to Win With Facebook Ads

A winning marketing mix incorporates a perfect blend of varying strategies, each of which is a single component to the entire revenue picture. Paid ads helped pave the way for companies to boost their revenue streams online, and they’ve been around for a long time for one very good reason: they work.

Facebook is obviously no stranger to social-savvy interactions. This space of familiar faces and similar interests takes on new meaning when the social sphere brings business and pleasure together. The thing is, Facebook knows how to make money off its popularity, but it also knows how to make you money by offering paid ads that head right to your target audience.

Facebook’s business pages are pretty locked down; in fact, only 5 to 8% of the people who have liked your page will actually see your regular posts. If you want to get in front of the people who can make a difference to your business, you now have to pay for ads.

What You Need to Do

It’s important to have a consistent ad strategy. Spend time honing in on your target market so your ads are laser-focused. Your efforts will mean your money is well spent, and you’ll be advertising to people who actually care about your brand and messaging.

What Facebook Ads Do

Paid Facebook ads are a great way to get likes on your page, even if — or particularly if — you’re just starting out. There are two particular types of Facebook ads:

  • Traffic ads send people to a destination on Facebook or elsewhere, such as a website, app, or Messenger conversation.
  • Engagement ads are designed to get your audience’s attention by way of page likes, event responses, or offer claims.

This combo has a tendency to generate page likes, which can lead to higher ranks on the social-savvy scale for smart business owners.

What Doesn’t Work

Our agency hears one statement over and over again: “I’ve tried Facebook ads; they just didn’t work.” The truth is, they do work, but you have to know how to work them first. Typically, Facebook ads fail because the back-end of the campaign — or the sales funnel — isn’t set up properly. If an interested person clicks on an ad and gets sent into an abyss of all things internet, they’ll leave long before they can learn more about you.

Set yourself up for success by creating a lead-capture campaign that puts a system in place to capture contact details so you can push people further down your sales funnel. The following tools, when executed correctly, can be great weapons to have in your contact-capturing arsenal:

  • A clean, yet enticing, landing page
  • A well-written call-to-action
  • A valuable offer at no cost (free reports, ebooks, or video training sessions)

Once you’ve captured your leads, you can nurture your relationships with products best suited for your customers’ particular needs.

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