Laura Kamrath

Founder & CEO - Rock Star Story

You and your business are like rocks to me. Yes, you’re obviously ‘rock solid’, ‘rock stars’ who ‘rock’ or you wouldn’t be where you are now.

I’m Laura Kamrath, Founder & CEO of Zebra Marketing Solutions. I’ve collected rocks since I was old enough to crawl. I am fascinated by the myriad colors and textures and I find myself fixated on each peculiar rock’s unique story. Outside of geological, these solid gems look like they have little significant value. Most people just see a rock as a rock. Why? Because there are billions upon billions of rocks on this earth. In most cases there appears to be nothing unique about rocks enough to even make a person stop and pick one up, let alone take one home.

Yet a few rocks have made their way to Rock Star status. These are the rocks that you not only will take home but you will pay a hefty price for to do so (i.e. diamonds, rubies, emeralds). And for all you home improvement enthusiasts, granite and marble rock it out for you. But why these rocks?

It’s because of the rhetoric surrounding these rocks. That’s what I do for you. I take your rock and create gossip-worthy messaging around you and your business until your rock shines like a diamond. Then I create the digital delivery system to let your diamond shine out on the world. With the right message and the right delivery system, you’ll begin to attract, engage and impact your dream audience in no time.

What fascinates me about working with startup businesses, small and mid-sized companies is the clean slate (no pun intended) that I get to shape into your brand message. I get to uncover what makes you and your business unique and communicate it to the world.

I know it can be scary sometimes to launch your message to the world. You’re wondering what people will think of you…or of your company, if you’re offering the right things…or saying the right things, and if it’s even going to work? Well any woman who’s ever worn high heels knows that it’s possible even to make a BAD idea popular! It just takes good marketing! (Now imagine what we can do with a GOOD idea!)

As a woman who built a career in the oil industry, I can say I’ve had to overcome some stereotypes. I successfully grew a career in a male-dominated industry. I had to be the best at my work and deliver top quality results to earn the respect and trust of my male bosses and colleagues. And I bring that same level of dedication and excellence to my customers.

This experience taught me a valuable lesson about myself: I don’t have to think outside the box. I can kick that box to the curb and think anywhere and any way that I want.

I don’t fit in a box. I’m a geologist with a degree from Mount Holyoke College, the first women’s college in America, and a Rice University MBA. I’m an Infusionsoft Certified Partner, ManyChat Agency Partner, and I spent much of my career in technical geoscience & engineering marketing and sales. I’m business and science-minded, yet highly creative. (Did I mention I play the bagpipes? Ok, I’m a nerd.) I’m very dedicated to my work and career, and I know how to have fun!

I want to know your goals – are you just starting out? Growing a service/product line? Opening a new location? Do you wish you had more traffic to your website? More engagement on social media? Do you wish you could stay more connected with your customers and better nurture your leads? Wish you could get MORE leads? Just want to make more money? Not sure how to get to the next level in your business?

I want you to schedule a Complimentary Consultation with me and let’s have a chat about your goals! I want to see you and your business in a state of growth! I want to nerd out with you...to help you get more leads, convert more customers, make more money and have time to enjoy life to the fullest! Because we only get to do this life thing once...