The 80/20 Rule: What Does Your Content Say About You?

In many ways, marketing is like dating. Think of it this way — nobody wants to be on a date with someone who only talks about themselves. If a woman is sitting across the table from a man who talks about himself 100% of the time, she’s 100% likely to turn around and run the first chance she gets. Same goes for men, of course. Dating should be a two-way street. You talk about yourself a little bit, but you spend a lot of time asking about the other person so you can keep the conversation rolling and engage your dating partner.

This same idea holds true in marketing. You see, there are plenty of companies that spend all of their time talking about themselves. In truth, nobody wants to follow a business that only creates self-promoting content.

What Is the 80/20 Rule of Content Creation?

If you really want to build an audience that pays attention to what you have to say, you’ll spend 80% of the time sharing information that’s useful to your customers and only dedicate 20% of your posts to self-promotion. Thus, you’ll embrace the 80/20 Rule of Content Creation.

How Can You Embrace the 80/20 Rule?

1. Share Other Companies’ Social Media Posts. If it will be helpful to your consumers, don’t withhold secrets! Your content needs to be valuable to your customers, and sometimes, other businesses have great things to say. Not only that, but the share will build goodwill with companies who might return the favor and share your stuff someday.

2. Focus on your FAQs. Learn from the questions your customers ask you, and use those questions to build a solid base of valuable, useful content they’ll find helpful (and shareable.)

At Zebra Marketing Solutions, we’re 80/20 Rule experts. Shoot us a line; we promise to spend 80% of the time learning about your needs. We only need 20% of the conversation to tell you how we can help you grow your business!