The 3 Types of Marketing Emails, and How to Use Them

The key to success in email marketing is sending the right type of email at the right time. It’s important to understand the types of emails that businesses send, and how to use them. So take a look at these 3 types of marketing emails, and think of how you are or how you might use them in your business!

1. Promotional Emails – these are the most common type of marketing emails, and their purpose is to make an offer to your email list. The offer could be promotional content, a white paper or webinar, a brand announcement, a new product release and more. A whopping 66% of consumers have made a purchase as a direct result of an email marketing message, so it’s no wonder promotional emails are so popular – they work!

2. Relational Emails – these deliver value to your customers by providing free content and information, such as subscriber welcomes, newsletters, blog articles, surveys, social updates and more. Relational emails may not make an offer, or sell a product or service directly, but they are designed to build relationships with the customer by adding value up front. For example, when your email subscriber receives a piece of high-quality content in your e-newsletter, he or she is interacting with your brand in a deeper and more meaningful way.

3. Transactional emails – these are sent in response to an action that a customer has taken with your brand. They include messages such as order confirmations, receipts, coupon codes, shipping notifications, password reminders and more. This type of email is often overlooked as an opportunity to give customers an idea of the voice behind your brand, and what it is like to do business with you. Do you deliver what you promised? Do you respect your customer’s wishes? The leads and customers on your email list are observing how you do business, and transactional emails are a big part of that!

The purpose of email marketing is to move a customer along their customer journey. From prospect to customer, and from customer to raving fan! Whether it’s keeping a customer excited about a purchase they’ve recently made, or adding value in advance with your e-newsletter, you’ll want to keep these 3 types of emails in mind for email marketing success!

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